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We love to work with our fellow readers and people who follow us. To simplify our writing process and find the most relevant content and illustrations to accompany our articles, we are growing a mailing of content creators (photographers, video makers, illustrators, writers…) We send one email a month with the available topics and planning to let our creators know where they can contribute. Indeed, photographers know best what pictures they took for instance. It makes writing and publishing of articles and facts a lot faster and that way we make sure to reward our community members by letting them participate in the life of OceanFact, as well as promoting their amazing pieces of work.

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You can always change your mind but if you tick the first two options, we will only contact you regarding content from your website, not content from social media. Additionally, we will ALWAYS credit and tag you in our posts. We use instagram gallery embedding where your pictures shows as an interactive gallery box (our readers can directly like and comment your pictures).
If you choose the "Promotion" option, we will select one of your picture (or videos), add it to an email with an OceanFact, and send it to our private mailing list subscribers to promote your work.


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