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Are you creating, writing or sharing content about the oceans?! Or would you like to start or get involved?!

Get your communication to the next level and join the SeaComm Army!

In the following notes, we explain the WHY, the WHO, and the HOW of the SeaComm Army!

Science communication is everywhere, whether you are a marine biologist, an underwater photographer or an illustrator. Communication is the art of conveying a message and being heard. However, communicating science in an EXCITING, CLEAR, and CONCISE way is not easy. It takes PRACTICE and creativity. It takes good listening skills: good scicomm is not selfish and must listen to what the audience needs. And it TAKES TIME!

We built the SeaComm Army for science communicators to help each other out and create a synergy between the marine science communicators out-there and their audiences.

We share ideas. We discuss better science communication. We teach how to improve science communication and the professional benefits of it, whether you are sharing your passion for science or your art as a photographer or illustrator. We teach how to get organized to free time for science communication or what truly matters to you!

WE SAVE YOUR TIME by clearing out many of the struggles than come with doing science communication or sharing your love for science and the ocean!

The SeaComm Army primarily targets people creating content related to the sea. We are marine biologists, writers, photographers, illustrators (and so many other skills and professions…), all walking in the same direction: better sharing our knowledge and passion for the oceans.

Whether you already started your project or want to get started, we offer you the help and space you need.

Our community includes skilled content creators, bloggers and photographers that have shared their passion for years and understood what works, what doesn’t. You will learn how to sharpen your skills alongside with other beginner and experienced science communicators.

Getting started in science communication and getting your voice out there takes time and dedication. It takes passion! Even more if this is a side hobby like for many of us.

We offer you:

  1. A PLATFORM TO GET STARTED: NO need to STRUGGLE building a website or paying for all the tools you need, FOCUS ON CREATING and getting your science and passion out there. All you have to do is create the piece of content that you want to create and we will share it for you and promote it to our audience.
  2. An AUDIENCE: one of the struggles when you start (and along the way) is to REACH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. You will need to produce a lot of regular content for anyone to find what you do, whether it be a blog, an instagram, or a youtube channel. And when I say a lot, I am talking about daily posts across medias! Why would you need to struggle with that when you can already reach our huge audience? Focus on creating and reach the right people!
  3. A SKILLED COMMUNITY: it is hard to start alone. Nobody’s good at everything but we are all good at something! BENEFIT from the SKILLS OF OTHERS. For instance, Pierre Olivier the founder of OceanFact, with practice became good at writing. He nurtured his writing skill set. When he started, he needed illustrations and the one he was making were…terrible! He was simply not trained for that! However, other members focused on making illustrations. First, they made them for him. He understood better and better how to make illustrations and got better at it.
  4. PROJECT IDEAS: As we mentioned, scicomm is not selfish and listening to your community is vital to do good science communication. You are not doing scicomm for yourself, but for the people out there reading you. We constantly receive requests for topics to cover. Though we give plenty of FREEDOM on what to write about, we try to primarily focus on what was requested by our readers. Once to a few times a month, we share our editorial calendar by email and in our facebook group along with what you and us need in terms of articles, pictures, illustrations…etc
    Our email subscribers will easily see where they can contribute.
  5. FREE CONTENT PROMOTION: if you publish on OceanFact, whether it would be original articles cross-posting from your blog or sharing your pictures with us to use in articles, you are assured to reach a larger audience. We make sure to be the link between our large readership and your content. You can see it as an aggregator for ocean content.

Among ways we use to promote content,

  1. we will publish your content on our blog,
  2. we can use your pictures as illustrations in articles (either posting the pictures itself or embedding your instagram gallery if you published them there first),
  3. we will directly share your content via email with our private readers,
  4. we will share your content on our social media platforms (i.e instagram, facebook page and groups, twitter)

To make sure not to miss any content published on the platform, we warmly encourage you to subscribe to our readers’ mailing list too (see the form below)!

On the OceanFact Newsletter, we share the latest marine biology/science content published on the platform (thus your content too), exclusive content such as facts and stories about the sea and other exclusive content (e.g. free ebooks, free tools and discounts). See what you would get.

On the Study Hacks Newsletter, we share tips on how to better manage all your work and hobbies, get more efficient and free time for what really matters. This is how Pierre Olivier managed to finish a Masters in marine biology, work on a Ph.D. education, dance 16h a week, publish everyday on the OceanFact instagram, maintain a mailing list, and still write for the blog. Sounds crazy?! Well, it is surely not easy at first… but we can assure you it is possible!

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    Have you or will take pictures, videos, or write about the marine environment or education tips?

    It will ease communication between us and you to know who we are contacting.

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    We can also promote artistic businesses, or any content in ways that would fit our project and promote your business.

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    Scientist reviewers are marine science students and experts, able to check the quality and truthfulness of our scientific content.
    Translation reviewer give a final check to a translation.

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