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The Science corner.

Do you wish to know everything about the oceans?

Science explained - Read more about oceans.

Here, we deal with science from A to Z. We have the time. Each subject is decrypted in detail since the origin of water on Earth until the functioning of marine ecosystems. If you want to educate yourself on the world that surrounds you, it definitely is the section that you need to investigate.

Q&A. Science for tea time.

Questions and their Answers about Oceans

My Lab bookChronicles of young researchers.

Our experiments.

We are passionate.

Discover the posts of people crazy about science.

    The authors of Ocean Fact

    Pierre PhD Student - CEO Ocean Fact

    In construction…

    Our goals

    Ocean Fact is a network of knowledge that aims at connecting the citizens and the scientists… but also the citizens with citizens around debates and scientists with scientists within collaborations. You could be anyone and become someone because we have a lot to learn from each others.

    A few important keywords behind Ocean Fact:

    • Passion

    • Positivity

    • Neutrality

    • Collaboration

    • Good criticism and thinking


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