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If you are an early career researcher like us and you want to promote your work, Ocean Fact is made for you. We write blog posts on a variety of topics in marine science and also present what it is like to ba a marine biologist on a daily basis.

Some important informations:

  1. Topic:  You are free to choose any topics as long as your blog post carries a positive and optimistic point of view. This doesn’t mean we avoid broaching topics such as climate change but more that we also talk about already existing and possible solutions to mitigate climate change.
  2. Post length: A post shouldn’t be longer than two pages long (text + illustrations).
  3. References: If you cite someone else’s work, you must always provide references to that work like you would do for a scientific article.
  4. Make sure you own the right to use any illustrations or target copyrights-free illustrations.
  5. HAVE FUN! Stay serious but make your science funny.

Your work will be peer-reviewed by other fellow early career marine biologists, translated, published and spread over our social medias for others to discover the great work you are accomplishing. Keep up your great work!


Each week, we (Susann, Maha, Valentina, Lola, Isabella, Felix and Pierre), publish short facts on marine biology on the @OceanFact instagram. We broach various topics in just a few words and you can help us. You can either write with us or provide us with your pictures and other illustrations.

Some important informations:

  1. Facts: The facts are about 100 characters long.
  2. References: You should be able to provide sources that can back up your facts, by preference from the scientific literature.
  3. Pictures: You should own the right to those pictures or can prove we can use them.
  4. HAVE FUN! Stay serious but make your science funny.

Your facts will be shared with the Instagram community.


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