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1. Data Privacy – General information

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place requirements on website owners to provide information about how website owners make use of their personal data.

The different sections below explain how we collect and make use of specific data. You can request to access or delete your data at any time as to review what information you agreed on sharing with us.

2. Personal Data

2.1 Subscriptions

When you subscribe to our blog, you provide us with your email and contact information. We do not share this information outside of Ocean Fact and only use your contact information to forward newsletters and other content that you might be interested in.

2.2 Logins and password

Login information and password are only accessible by the user himself. Administrators of the website can manage users but will never see your password. On top of that, we use plugins to ensure security on our website and trusted third party to maintain our website up-to-date in terms of security.

2.3 Blog User names and display names

Usernames are only accessible to the user itself and administrators in the user management tool of our website. Accessing to this information ensure that we keep legitimate user on our website and remove any spam users. We do not share this information with any third parties.

2.4 Emails

Email addresses serve as a mean to login into the website and for us to contact you and provide you with the latest news. Our user list are kept private and are only accessible to the main administrator.


Comments you published on the blog are not only visible by the team but any visitor and user of the website. We can’t ensure privacy of what you make visible online so we ask you not to provide any detrimental piece of information in comments.

2.6 Forms

We may collect any of the above information through contact and subscription forms. When you provide those pieces of information to us, we ensure their privacy.

2.7 Google Spreadsheets

We regularly use online Google Spreadsheets (i.e. excel files) to connect with our contributors. For instance, there is a google spreadsheet for submitting articles which contains email addresses available  for all. We do not share those data with third parties or anyone but those addresses are nonetheless accessible to whom have the link to these files. If you fill in these forms, we consider that you are aware of their online accessibility and that we may use them to contact you for Ocean Fact related purposes or that spammers may access these addresses. If that is an issue, we advise you to remove the current email and use another email address.

3. Third party services

3.1 Why do they collect your information

To provide the best experience on the website, we use third party service and plugins that collect information and record your activity on the website. If some information may be trivial (e.g. we use Quizz plugins that collect answers and show you how many readers gave the best answer), those plugins also collect less trivial data such as your browser parameters. Doing so we ensure that you access Ocean Fact in the right language or that you do not have to type in your login twice. We also use third party services such as Google Maps, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter which collect user informations and have complied or should comply to the General Data Protection Regulation.

3.2 Ads

As a source of revenue, we use advertisement. We use Google Adsense service as an Ad provider which record our readers’ activity to personalise advertisements and analyse ads performance. Data they may collect are activity on your browser, your browser preferences  to provide the best advertisements possible. This data transfer is automatic.

3.3 Stats and performance

Through third party plugins, we record users’ activity to measure performance of our content. For instance, we measure how many times a single IP address has accessed the website during a day or how many single IPs have accessed the website.

4. Cookies

All your private information are stored either in our website data base (e.g. user emails) or on your browser itself. On your browser, they come in a form of cookies which keep tracks of your logins, password and how you use your browser. They help to store your preferences and help to provide the best experience for each users. For instance, we store access to our pictures in those cookies so that you don’t have to wait 15s to load a page but also those cookies make sure that you stay logged in when you need to. They are functionally necessary.

Read more on how WordPress uses cookies.

5. In case of information breach

If despite all the privacy measures we took anything ever happen to your data, we will make sure to inform all our users.


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