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Chapter 3 – MARmaED: the strength of a doctoral program – Ocean Fact

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Chapter 3. 8th of July 2016 – MARmaED, my doctoral program.

I – MARmaED: the strength of a  PhD network

I am not part of any research program. MARmaED is an European programme which will train fifteen students of various nationalities at eight universities in seven different countries. The strength of the program is to make young scientist from many disciplines gather and work together: biologist,  physicians, even economists. This multidisciplinary framework should bring new ideas about the management of marine resources. Collaborations between students are already on the horizon and I think our supervisors have selected a good band of merry men. We will meet each year to discuss each other’s progress and plan for future years.
From 22 to 29 May, I was in Banyuls-sur-Mer (for those who know me, you know how much I appreciate this marine station) where I met for the first time the rest of the team. We were given a lot of tasks to prepare upstream of the meeting and each of them was brilliantly fulfilled. And yet it was not easy as it was necessary to do with the different educations of each one of us without knowing each other or meeting themselves beforehand. Nevertheless, working together was a real pleasure, especially since such experience broadens our professional networks and we know that networking is essential in research.

MARmaED meeting, Banyuls-sur-mer. Credits : Joël Durant, Pierre Olivier.

II – Trip to Copenhagen

The MARmaED program will bring a lot of interesting opportunities. From the 9th to 11th of June, I was invited to participate in a workshop that took place in Copenhagen (“This is a good start” to quote one of my former comrades “Orange” from the French Civilian Service). This was the second time I had travelled to the Danish capital, the first being to participate in my first scientific conference (ICES 2015) and I still love this city.

This time I had the opportunity to visit Tivoli Garden, a mythical amusement park open since 1843. Not to mention I had an amazing time! If you have the opportunity to go there, try Vertigo. This ride has an acceleration of 5G which corresponds to a Formula 1. At first, you laugh out loud and then the ride goes soooo fast that your voice get stuck in your throat. My stomach took a hit after a day of rides like this but it remains a memorable moment. I think the worst moment was to wait for our turn and see people stressing at the idea of tryingVertigo. If you ever tried or will, let me know in comment.

Le Jardin de Tivoli, Copenhague. Credits : Pierre Olivier, Ocean Fact.

Tivoli Garden, Copenhague. Credits : Pierre Olivier, Ocean Fact.

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What’s next?! I am currently based on the island of Åland (this is pronounced as Francois Hollande) where I will spend the summer at the Marine station of Husö.  I will collect data for one of my PhD project. What’s planned, you ask? Fishing, diving, measures of all kinds and evenings with Scandinavian lifestyle. See you next time!

Time to put some music: The local song. As this article is about Copenhagen, I chose a Danish group: Lukas Graham – Mama said.

Lukas Graham – Mama said

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