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Golden Globe – Antoine Cousot

Océano Vox Vendée and the Golden Globe Race

A lot has happenned and will happen in 2018. For now, we start a new collaboration with Océano Vox Vendée, a young French association which tries to raise awareness for science and the oceans. Together, we will follow the adventures of skipper Antoine Cousot who is sailing the world and competing in the Golden Globe Race 2018 anniversary edition.

The Golden Globe Race is a mythical racethat was first organized in 1968. Back then and still now, this race has constituted one of the biggest challenges for sailors: one lonely man facing the sea in a world tour race. The man (or woman) will have to finish the race all by himself without making any stops. However, Antoine Cousot will have one additional challenge to accomplish. He will take water sample along the race. Those samples will serve to qualify and quantify micro- and nanoplastics in the sea! This adventure shows how science and society can work together to understand the world and how the initiative of one single man can help scientific research.

Each weeks, Antoine will communicate with us through his satellite beacon and you will be able to follow his progress on this blog.

Interview d'Antoine Cousot au départ de la Golden Globe Race

Interview of Antoine Cousot before leaving for the Golden Globe Race
Credits: Océano Vox Vendée

Antoine Cousot

Antoine Cousot comes from Vendée region in France and lives on Noirmoutier island. Born on the 9th of May 1971, he grew up in Saint-Jean de Monts by the vast Atlantic Ocean. When he turned 20, with nothing in his pockets nor a diploma, he crossed the ocean for the first time aboard his sailboat with in mind to reach the lands behind the horizon. Passionate and keen reader, books abou the sea will fuel his philosophy of life.”

Extracted and translated from Antoine’s official website.

Golden-Globe-Race-Antoine Cousot-Skipper

Antoine Cousot on board his sailboat, Goldstar
Credits: Océano Vox Vendée

Author of the article.

  • Pierre Olivier

  • Ph.D. Student

  • Founder of Ocean Fact

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