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My life during my post-grad studies.

Instagram Challenge – Week 42 – What a pain I can be

Week 42 - Challenge - What a pain I can be In this week Instagram challenge, we will explore what makes us click and how we react to annoyances. The daily life [...]

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Chapter 11 – Kristineberg and future for Ocean Fact – Ocean Fact

Chapter 11. April 2017 - Kristineberg and future for Ocean Fact       Easter and Mämmi       April is ringing at the door. If you have already travelled to [...]

Chapter 10 – Networking in Scotland – Ocean Fact

Chapter 10. March 2017 – Networking in Scotland     Millport marine field station - Scotland     March marked the beginning of a new journey. I was heading to Scotland where [...]

Chapter 9 – Ice swimming and ice fishing – Ocean Fact

Chapter 9. February 2017 – Ice swimming   A long winter   Winter is still here. It is no longer so cold but the days are always dark and exhausting. In 2015, [...]

Chapter 8 – A day at the lab in Finland – Ocean Fact

Chapter 8. January 30th, 2017 – Birthday gift and lab work Back to Finland I came back from France by -22 ° C. If winter goes on, I doubt that I will [...]