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Chapter 7. December 10th, 2016 – Christmas gift and scientific publishing.

Christmas is almost here so I would like to share pictures of the treats you could find in Finland at this time of the year.

My first scientific article



Already December and I didn’t give you any news. Time flies, winter is no longer coming, it is already here. I’m still stuck in the lab, but I’m coming home soon.
I submitted my first article in a scientific journal in November. I just had the feedbacks and …well, they are pretty good! “Minor revision” on my first article submission in a scientific journal (Oikos). Very good feedbacks. The Scientific publishing edition works in such a way that each article submitted in a journal is first read and criticized by scientists more or less expert on the topic. This is called “Peer-review“. “Minor revision” indicates that the article is not yet accepted but that the editors are in favour of its publication and that it will probably be published if I take into account the comments from the editors.
Their comments were very constructive and given the orientations of my article which is intended to be generalist, they asked me to broaden my conclusions and to put into context what was done in terms trophic networks, which I had broached but without further details. Now I have to work and submit my revised version.
Turku cathedral - December 2016

Cathedral of Turku – Christmas time !

Credits: © Pierre Olivier



Turku cathedral - December 2016
Turku cathedral - December 2016
Gingerbread - Pain d'épices - Pierre Olivier
Dégustation - Noël

Baking and tasting of Christmas pastries with Erasmus Student Network !

Joulutorttu and Gingerbread

Credits: © Pierre Olivier



I discovered SitSit parties



On the personal side, I made really good friends. I manage to maintain a social life despite the PhD and I try to leave my research aside each time I can. I went to my very first “SitSit party“, a Scandinavian concept. The evening looks like a big dinner. Everyone is dressed neatly. Evening dress for women and suits for men. An evening master orchestrates the activities and no one is allowed to leave the table without being allowed first by the evening master. Those who would break the rules would be punished.


The dinner goes on between, eating, drinking and singing drinking songs. So many songs that it’s pretty hard to finish your dinner. Everyone’s having a good time. Unfortunately I have no pictures, we weren’t allowed to use our phones. Nevertheless, I can tell that during this evening I made a mistake. The more you drink (beer for example), the sooner you need to go to the toilet. Unfortunately, only the party master can allow you to leave the table. At one point of the evening, we were all allowed (50 people at least) to go to the restroom at the very same time. Fifty people is a lot. I didn’t want to wait and I thought I could wait until the next break. IMPOSSIBLE. I had to sneak out of the table in the middle of a meal. The go to the toilet went smoothly but … they noticed I was gone. The whole room was waiting for me on the way back. “PUNISHMENT”, they were shouting. I had to sing Walt Disney Classics in front of the rest of the room (it could have been worse).
Repas de Noël - Christmas treats

Christmas treats at the department.

Credits: © Pierre Olivier



It’s almost been a year since I left. It’s time to go home for the holidays. I wish you all an happy end of the year, but before that, the traditional local music. And what would Finland be without Sibelius.


Jean Sibelius – Finlandia



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