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Chapter 6. Octobre, 13th 2016 – Fall is coming.





Autumn already points the tip of his nose and the leaves on the trees begin to veer out of color. What better moment to introduce my two neighbors, Tic and Tac, who are preparing themselves for the winter season.

TIC - Ocean Fact
TAC - Ocean Fact

On the left : Tic. On the right : Tac.

(Honnestly, I have no idea how to tell them apart).

Credits: © Pierre Olivier





Tic and TAC are real acrobats. I saw one of them fall off a tree and hang up at the very last moment at the only branch in the direction of its downfall.
I stop the jokes to move on something more serious.
My Swedish class is going ok. Out of this, I’m stuck in the lab. I analyse stomachs all day and hope that my data will be of good quality. If that were not the case, I could only blame myself.
My group of friends expanded drastically and I welcomed my first Halloween party. I will try to make it a tradition. I am involved in local associations too, including Erasmus, with whom I organize events.
Halloween - Turku - Ocean Fact

Winter is coming and I still need to think that the beautiful days are not behind me. As a bonus, a photo taken in the vicinity of Turku.


Hirvensalo - Finland - Pierre Olivier

Hirvensalo – Turku – Finland

(I believe I am getting better at taking pictures)

Credits: © Pierre Olivier




Now the traditional local music from the Finnish band ‘French Films’.


French Films – Take You With Me



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