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Chapter 5. September, 25th 2016 – Hamburg

The oustanding architecture of the city of Hamburg.



In September 2016, I was at another meeting of this collaboration started in Copenhagen. This time I went to Hamburg, Germany. It was my first time in Germany and I took the opportunity to visit a little. I particularly appreciated the duality between a rough and somewhat rustic architecture and the modernity of the city of Hamburg. Buildings made of bricks in contrast with a Metro service and a rather modern port.


Hamburg Architecture
Cathedral in Hamburg

Left: A typical architecture of Hamburg. Right: One of the cathedrals of Hamburg.

Credits: © Pierre Olivier



I found a small pleasant hotel on Reeperbahn avenue. For those who know, it is prostitutes (a.k.a. lady of the night to stay polite) area as close to the harbour. In fact, being approached by an old German prostitute who speaks with a hoarse voice and a profound German accent is quite peculiar. If we put aside the underground activity of this neighborhood, the place is worth a visit. There is a lot of night activities and bars to visit. If you are lucky (or unlucky, depending on the point of view), you may end up in the famous Herbertstraße, street exclusively open to men, otherwise you risk insults and to be escorted rather violently to the exit. This street, according to reliable sources (Wikipedia) would harbour no less than 250 prostitutes.

  • Plage à proximité de Reeperbahn
  • Bateau à roue à aubes - Hamburg
  • Harbourg - Hamburg
  • Attack of the Kraken - Hamburg
If you have time, go visit the miniature Museum (Miniatur Wunderland Museum) strongly recommended by my PhD supervisor. This museum is located by the harbour so in any case you will not be disappointed.
The truth in pictures.
  • Stadium - Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg
  • Train Station - Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg
  • Seaside - Hamburg - Miniatur Wunderland
  • City by night - Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg
  • By night - Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg
  • Traffic jam - Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg
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Miniatur Wunderland – Hamburg

Credits: © Pierre Olivier


Now the traditional local music.

Fettes Brot – Jein


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