How to contribute?

There are multiple ways to support and contribute to Ocean Fact. Among others, you can write with us or provide pictures and illustrations. We regularly welcome and review submissions. We also seek for new people ready to review those submissions.

Write with us!

Being an author and editor at Ocean Fact, you will meet tasks as diversified as writing blog posts or reviewing others. On a smaller scale, it really looks like how a scientific journal would work and it is a fantastic way to get familiar with scientific publishing. As it is the core of Ocean Fact, we dedicated a full page on how to write articles or join the team following this link.


For now, Ocean Fact comes in two languages: French and English. The project was first started and funded in France as a mean to open science to the French community. If you had ever switched between the two languages, you probably noticed some articles are exclusively in one language. We need more and more people to help us translate the website.

If you master one of the two languages, you can help us translate articles and improve translation of published articles. You can check peer-reviewed articles pending translation.

Support us!

At Ocean Fact, all authors and contributors are volunteers. It is a great deal for us to see that our readers enjoy our work. And it can be as simple as a comment OR a question here or in our social medias.

We do not seek profit. Howeve, as running such a project comes at a cost (e.g. webhosting of the blog, maintenance…), we made the choice to add advertisements in our articles. We are hoping to find an ad-free alternative someday but in the meantime, you can help us by disabling your ad-blockers on this website.